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Perspective: The Spectrum

These dreams tell me that though I appear this way, I am another.

Sometimes, I prefer the opposite of everything that it has come too.

To experience the contradiction and to feel the courage and the confidence of that act. But it’s not all that complicated.

Those dreams are only half true because I do actually love my identity.

I like who I am and who I appear to be in this plane and every other.

When it’s not me and when it is.

So to bring it all into one life, and one person is crowding, confusing.

But when I see you, I admire and appreciate the reflection.

The freedom you have, and the shackles you make in choosing to be who you are,

whether it’s by obscure preference or appearance or personality or identity.

The names and titles you create to make your being home.

I love you as you are and who you choose to become.

I admire you for your strength to show your everything,

more than when it repulses someone who is unsure.

I love you and the beauty and the mess and the done up and the undone.

I love you as you walk with your chest out and in the times when you neck tilts down.

I love you for every offense that you shoulder and every smile that you give.

I love your strength and your shine.

You are what I don’t understand.

You are mesmerizing.

You are what I am not and what I may dare to imagine to be.

You are the identity that is closer to the All because of how you transferred there and back, became him and her, became his love and her love, and gave us all the sight and acknowledgement of a spectrum of who we are or could be as gender, as sex, as humans, more then men. You are great. I wish to pay you in kindness and gratitude for every instance of ridicule that you experience in a day just for being who you are. Because you choose to be, it is heroic.

Because of you, we are all closer in knowing that the All is everyone and everything and every like and dislike in every experience. We are both women and men, God and child, light and dark and all of everything that is in between these spectrums. Thank you for being you.


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