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Perspective: The Savings of The (Green) PacMan Part 2

And what is innocence?

That a practice of releasing is in that, a restoration?

Maybe it was pleasing to the One.

The Great.

The All.

Maybe it is that the things on this plane are in and of the same.

So is it natural order?

What is prized, the spirit, the soul.

That which sources such treasure

Fills in and sets up to experience what is here.

And through it the steady pull prevail.

So that the savings may be.

That it is released.

Sent up and out and back to what is home.

Is it to atone?

Then redefining the terms life and death would show

That life be the greatest capacity of the spirit and its reach.

That death be what hinders that capacity.

Maybe when it is released, it can influence the air making an aroma.

Influencing the thoughts and the breath of those who witness

In a way that reaches higher capacity.

A greater capacity.

An all encompassing.

Maybe it's the aroma of a freed spirit that is pleasing to the One.

The Great.

The All.

And the passing on is not death, but an established life.

Life that is not confined and not condensed.

And is it sacrifice?

Is it savings?

That a thing is released to remind others of their innocence?

That what they offer is what they then keep and is behold as treasure.

Because it is so.

That what is in and all around is the gift to themselves and to the One that watches.


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