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Perspective: The Princess

The bright smile. The bright eyes.

There she stands, with you.

In a loud room full of acquaintances.

Everyone there in hopes to find their identities.

There to find their worth through the structures of

Societies and profession.

Earnings and education.

She has learned to form a personality to accommodate your insecurities.

Spoken quietly. Smiled politely. Responded simply.

You’ve stared. You’ve studied. You’ve judged.

By the strength of your insecurity; your false identity is fostered

By the privileges of your influence and legitimized methods.

She nods enthusiastically to your comments

And boasted achievements.


Securing your worth of course.

But at the expense of someone else. The princess.

By way of comparison

Your caliber preferred by conditioned personalities.

Are you

Afraid of being questioned?

Afraid of being inferior?

At the hand of your insecurity

Her own personality, her thoughts, her expressions.

Her moves wrapped around your every facial expressions and tone.

Playing a tune with each command.

Dancing around solely to your thoughts and actions.

Dancing around the message

That she was making herself small

Just to accommodate your insecurities.

You demonstrate how well you utilize a language of your creation.

An interaction based on your circumstances.

Winning a game by using the rules of only your will.


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