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Perspective: The Epidemic of Living and Spending in Advance

We are betting here. It’s the assumption that we are to become greater, smarter and more valuable over time and in the future. That we can pay back the sins and the destructions of our pasts in the future and still live a comfortable life then and there. Practicing life in advance with every dollar, and every hour that we have not yet earned as if it is all free and for all. Assuming that the odds are in our favor now and forever. It’s a gamble. Giving empty promises, and shaking hands with banks, borrowers, and owners. With nothing left to give but our life, our time, or organs if need be. What more but ourselves are worth it to give in return but the followers and friends of what we are perceived to be. What more to bargain for if not just our influence, our reach.

The reach for a better life based on the steps that are the shoulders and heads of those that mentor, teach, preach and parent. They tell us to work hard, to work hard.

To work, til we are worth more. To smile and nod and study and smile. To smile while working, and make sure your makeup’s done, your hair is cut, your shirt is stiff. Be stiff. But smile and work hard and work harder, but smile. You’re ok. You’ll pay it back. You’ll get it back, just borrow it for now. To invest in oneself is the gift that keeps giving. Take. And you shall.

Owe. So keep working to pay for what you took then. Remember? You’re there now right? Where you needed to be in life to pay back all the ones you borrowed from, stepped on? It’s time.

I don’t care where you are, what you’re doing, where you‘re going. It is time. Cause what you give me is not mine it is what you owe that is what I. I owe. Paying for the sins. Paying for what you. You owe me. It is time. It is mine, then theirs. Then. Well I don’t give a fuck where it goes, where it came from. It is time. To transfer to clear names and lives and loves. To make right and give back what was taken. I don’t care what you are doing. It is time.


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