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Perspective: Stone Rolling On and Forth

I have a debt to pay. That’s why what I’m offering you is free. I no longer want to fake the makeup on with vibrancy that this isn’t ordered and paid for by credit of the one greater within many who are alive and no longer and after hand, and I don’t really know, or actually remember right now at what time of day or night, left or right, dark or light and somewhere in between, maybe shot in or sparked up within me, the embers of the tiny pieces of particles of light or fracture of a puzzle. I don’t know, I just feel the pull to let it out and hand it over because what am I if not a vessel of the life poured into me to further create and nurture that which grows more into this garden of a lot that we pay for by measure of effort and energy and sometimes work. Unraveling and rolling into the times and spaces of the free land or bought properties of a bigger picture that is unnamed, mispronounced and misunderstood.


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