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Perspective: Registration

In the middle of waking...

Is there any one else that feels like there’s reaching for balance and settling for glory, stagnant in strategy and compromises in forgiveness? Where am I in the balance of it all? It’s heavy in the fog of dark matter where we can pick and choose a right or left, an up or down, an in or out. It’s light in the way of not knowing any thing, any where, any time, just that we’re there and waiting for whatever. And clarity in accepting that. Does any one else feel like they’re closer to knowing truer things, when we read better into lies? And the smirks of those who spit it out write on their eyes what is hiding? All I know is I don’t know or remember anything, and I want to have the strength and the heart and the sight and the love to reach the truer things to then be that for the world, for my children, for myself.


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