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Perspective: Reflection

I can’t believe how quickly it came.

All I can see is

Never the end.

What happened?

To me.

I feel like I can now only write about you.

You know

More about me than anyone cares.

I wish.

I know you more than you ever cared.

Is it you?

All about you?

Do you like it this way?


I know that when we walk out in public

I’ll see another side

To myself.

One that may be strong

And almost independent.

But you

Always only being the one.

The one that I see.

The one that they see.

Is it me?

Who knew the feeling?

The feeling of love.

Is it likeness, lust, or desire.

To be with rather than to become.

To live for rather than to live with.

Who knew that feeling.

To hold in within me and without.

They’ll all see it.

But they won’t feel it like we do.

Like I do.


I do.

And you’ll probably walk out in public

Showing that face of solace.

Because you hold something true to you.

Is it me?

Is it you?

That feeling of likeness, lust, and desire.

All that holds within you is what I forever admire.

So I’ll walk out in public

Looking the way I always do;

Solid, put together.

But inside I would pour so much into you.

The feeling.

You help me find a balance

Make me overflow.

Because of the joy in knowing



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