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Perspective: One Of Us Is In An Open Relationship

Someone's got to be the one to tell. One of us is in and out and one is all the way... in the dark lost in commitment and willing to compromise. All the way on the other side distant and tied and pulling hard to cut it loose. One of us in a closed up causing closterphobia sort of void of space kind of room with no window or mirror to tell the time and watch the hours of when it was a time where ours was a real thing. How long has it been? Very virgin now and very honest and someone else looks like the upkeep of title to spare the looks of judgement. Someone is in an open relationship and closed the access shut to the other dedicated to someone's dust sort of. Sort of a ghost but actually living life best. Sort of frozen and ridged speech since the breathe left the blow out and stolen from reach, slow to catch wind back to gain stream of thought in reacting in alright timing. Sort of lost. Left really. And I'm free because I have to be. Space is a thing that holds opportunity of company. A kind of peace that tugs at the chance of wholeness.

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