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Perspective: Marylin Money

Are you my father? Are you? Are you? Hello? Hey, I was just seeing um if I could um like schedule a lesson sometime. I’m looking to study and I thought you were teacher so. My youth is expecting me to have a throne available for you sometimes I sub in and it’s tough cause I have my own. Marilyn says she thinks you’re my father, are you? We may have been wrong those other times a masculine with a mic on a stage waving onto the crowd a bit of delusion in that they feel that it is themselves washing over them their own thoughts. Money making in great practice Manson. Marilyn is a single women but married to many and desperate for attention to convert into quantity in many forms but one primarily, income. To consume as such of what a feminine may have the privilege to do. What mother has taught her child, bring in and make new. It’s almost new years time.


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