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Perspective: Is That Big Sis?

It's not a joke. You can't stand on these crumbling pieces assuming you'll rise higher. I am not those red bottom, candy covered, shiny shoes you can invest in to show off and swap out in returns to maintain a safe budget. My repair is at least twice the cost, no refund darling.

It isn't funny. You'll break a leg trying to tap dance for tips on this stage of life you, think I'm waiting for you? Step up and claim your star on this boulevard where you shine, and wave pose. Wink darling. I know the toll, praying for trolls as you script out the soul and wonder where time goes as you stroll on the island you bought after so many award shows. It's evident, That you think you convinced all watching that you did it on your own. But my platform is where you were born and where you'll always come back to because you need me.

There's change here on the ground for you. Flip a coin to see what side you are you are on, for the scene. Flip a card to see who'll send for...

Repair the thing, it's where you're made and where they'll speak of you when you grow tired. Admire the ones who come up next saying, she was my origin, I learned it from...

Here. It's not a joke darling, you pick up the checks laid on the back of me, named for the stack of me, this is not just yours. Take care.


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