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Perspective: Human Being

Being is complicated.

When you’re not sure if you are or aren’t one.

One that is from another, separate yet the same.


Standing in the title as if it is something true.

Is if the hue of the sun exposes every shade of what I am.

And the after thought of shadow, just the scrap.

The full scale though both in light and dark, day and night.

We are standing and resting and being in both ends of the spectrum.

And giving praise to the spark that rises in us, is not human.

Being is complicated.

Because it is not just identified in man.

Not in woman forever.

But here, standing and resting in the land that thrives on sunlight, and water, and air, and gravity.

With our one flame that gathers to convene in creating this fire that cleanses and brightens and intensifies.

And here, we break through the matters to reach what we are from, but what is not human.

How is this human.


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