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Perspective: God Is Aware

I used to visit a nature park in Washington often.

Tall green mossed trees.

Streams of water.

Love and the life in the air.

I felt safe, alone with the trees.

I used to visit a tiny waterfall, a spring of water, at the start of the stream.

Just admiring the ways of it.

And one day I felt and saw blindly a spirit call and wave to me. Very kind, so I walked up near where it led. Looking at the ground there, I saw a perfectly shaped piece of wood. And at the bottom of this tiny staff, I saw an etched in heart. It was like it was left there for me. So I took it home and treated it. I keep it safe, just admiring its beauty. It sits along with cinnamon barks that I save because I love how sweet it makes the air. A few years later, at my first formal meeting of prophets, a Pastor who I had not yet met, spoke over me. Said, he is seeing a stream of water, a well, and a people who are parched. They drink of the water, but it’s bitter. They pick out a piece of wood and put it to the water. Then the water is sweet. He said, Haylee you are the piece of wood that turns the water sweet.

I will be the whole.


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