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Perspective: Build a Bitch

She didn’t build her self yet, you tried to build a bitch. Miss me yet? I like her though, mirroring is such a great form of flattering. Check the reflection and find the infinite echoing of the story between Adam and Eve. Evening time and she’s in your dream state frequent. She’s waiting and watching to find you seeing yourself finally. The line between sea and sunset is clear glass sort of view, see in and through, see up and on. In love so much with yourself that you feel desperate in finding yourself in another. Self obsession is the best form of narcissism. And obsessive compulsiveness is best in the form of striving for perfection. You tried to build a bitch. And your foundation is faulty as shit. Try a seed in the appropriate season and have patience darling. When you’ve grown up well enough maybe you’re good enough to meet your match. She had to build herself up, focus on self. I had to build myself up, safeguarding wealth.


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