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Perspective: Beggars! Ready Set

Looking for sweetness darling.

Do you have any?

Looking for that cotton covered warm inside sparkly outside kind of treat with the thing to turn into gold in a pot under the rainbow. It’s sweet darling. Do you have any?

Well come look with me!

A little from this, a little from that, a little from there and poof!

We made it! We’ve made it!

Awe the lights (in the dark).

Awe the names (in the stars).

Awe the yellow brick road.

Follow me, friend me, subscribe me darling.

Oh we’re off to see the…

Well He’s everything love, just in everything and everywhere.

They only call the All a He since… well you know the history.

But remember beggars and choosers, it’s all in you. Wink.

And it’s salty and sweet the treats in the pot that we’ll...

Make it together

Finish line at the beginning of the

Storyline at the end of the

Party time!

And it’s all up and out and back and forward on the

Dot of the spots that shine in the

Midnight and you’ll find your things

In the watch of the Knight

That guards the gate at which


Stand in line with your ID

To prove who you're with and what you're for and if you have treats.

Darling, we’re starting in 3, 2, 1.



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