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Perspective: Good Deeds

I was trying to create my own religion.

Felt the sun's light and defied,

speculated the hearsay and the history of someone holding this book.

I ate anything that did not come from an animal.

Trying to avoid the feeling of death.

But in turn, after a while,

those deeds, that discipline led to physical decay at acceleration.

While it helps in identifying the source.

God's vital energy,

the religion of diet became an idol,

a belief that what is consumed and what is disciplined is solely the

culmination of what made me good.

What makes me good.

And when he is risen within,

good deeds are natural.

And things make more sense.

I was trying to save my life then.

By depriving my body of it's conditioned convention.

But what I need is my soul.

That is the life,

and the source for this life,

is the One.

And in many forms, the same essence.

The good that lives in and for and through you and me.



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