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Perspective: 12 in 2000

Hate TV.


Well… sometimes.

Except when something really inspirational comes on.

But that hardly ever happens.

Commercial interruption...

Eau Dior Fragrances.

Floating in the air.

How wonderful the feeling.

But I’d have to stop and wonder how this trip will end.

Will someone catch me?

Free falling.

Into the sea.

How long before I can’t hold myself above the water.

Every adventure

Every experience

Has some ending.

It’s up to me to determine how this is going to end.

Eau Dior.

Hate TV.

It’s the way it’s set up.

Like the commercials.

They criticize you for being fat.

Commercial Interruption...

Antidepressant Prescription Medication Ad

Today is a new day.

I can’t tell you how many times

I’ve heard someone say that.

This is the day I finally

Know what that means.

It’s forgetting what

Someone did to you in the past,

And moving onto what

You’ve been wanting to do.

It’s still pretty hard

For me to do sometimes,

But I realized that if you hang

Onto all of your hard feelings

From yesterday,

Then there may not be

Much to live for


Friomuna is the first antidepressant you can take two times a day.

While taking Fiomuna

Tell your doctor if you experience anxiety, suicidal thoughts, manic episodes.

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They make fun of the way our country is ran.

But how is that going to change anyone’s mind?

Or their motivation to help someone else’s nation out.

A sixty second… “brief message” is not going to change the world!

Sure wish it could.

But then again… it could be the same commercial

That turns people away from what we all need to be looking at.

I don’t know what to think…

Not anymore.

Shows on…

Waverly High.

Walking through the high school halls

Like I have somewhere important to be.

I don’t.

Looking smart.

But I’m getting a D in biology this term.

Being popular

But not going out with my friends for lunch.

Why do I look like it?

But don’t feel like it?


How you can look a certain way

But feel the opposite...


It’s just so confusing.

I just thought maybe things in life were made to

Make life better.

And since TV was all about talking and listening, wouldn’t there be more


More ideas on ways to improve.

Maybe there just needs to be more thinking.


That’s just how I feel about TV.

But my show is on so...


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