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Communication Portfolio

The following demonstrate my capabilities in helping to represent nonprofit and profit organizations in things regarding communication. It is such a pleasure in having the privilege in gaining this experience. Proud to present the organization that took a chance with me. We are now scaling their presence on social media and improving processes to obtain and maintain improved communication within the program. Thanks for stopping by to see!

Categorized into four parts, are the presentations of the projects and purposes within the portfolio.


Haylee M Patte for OOTC/OOTIP

Eastern Michigan University
COMM 495L2 Communication Capstone
Organization: Willis C. Patterson Our Own Thing Chorale & Instructional Program
Instructor: Dennis Patrick O’Grady, Ph.D.
Semester: January - April 2021

This project addresses the Willis C. Patterson Our Own Thing Chorale (OOTC) and Instructional Program’s (OOTIP) need to increase community awareness in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti communities through social media. The first goal is to increase participation in the Chorale with an emphasis on college students and young adults. The second goal is to increase K-12 student participation in the Instructional Program. The final goal is to support the organization’s overall educational and fundraising goals. Haylee Patterson is a Capstone Course student chosen to meet the goals of the Chorale and Instructional Program.

Agency, Mission, and Community

The Willis C. Patterson, Our Own Thing Chorale as founded in 1969 and has since been committed to continuation of performing traditional Negro spirituals as well as contemporary chorale compositions written and/or arranged by African American composers and musicians. Our Own Thing has an instructional program for children to help teach them how to learn and play music while also exposing them to African American culture and history that they couldn't automatically be exposed to.

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